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Fairness to UK producers and growers

Somerset sheep farmer

Fairness to UK producers and growers

In the UK in the main supermarkets are constantly competing with each other in a never ending battle to offer the customer the lowest possible price. This comes at a huge cost to national farmers who are being pressured more and more to supply the supermarkets with cheap produce. Often the farms are actually operating at a loss with the farmer relying solely on annual subsidies from the government. As these subsidies are directly proportional to the amount of land the farm owns, many small scale farmers simple become bankrupt. The result of this? Prices still continue to be driven lower.

There is however hope, and you can both help and benefit. By supplying their produce to local food box schemes, either directly or indirectly, farmers can get a better price for their produce by selling direct to the consumer. The consumer also benefits as that price is lower than what the supermarket can offer This is effectively cutting out the middleman, the supermarkets. Farmers get a fairer price for their produce, the consumer saves money by not going to the big supermarkets. Its a win win situation. The only loser is the supermarket.

In their perpetual quest for cheaper produce, the supermarkets will go further afield to get the best deals, often avoiding UK farmers altogether in favor of European or global produce. In this case, the purchaser also gets a bad deal ending up with food that’s far from fresh and that has possibly been grown or bred in a far less regulated environment. Additionally there are the food miles to consider.

Buying direct from the farm makes sense, morally, economically and ethically.