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Organic food
09 Mar 2015

What it means to be organic

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

Thomas Edison was leaps and bounds ahead of his time. Put simply: the food we ingest has a direct impact on our overall wellbeing. and this is a huge part of why so many people are making the leap to buying organic food.

But what exactly is organic food? And why should we be buying it?

Animal welfare...

Pork Labeling
19 Feb 2015

Labeling is a really quirky, grey area of food production and marketing. On one side are those that care about what is in their food and where it came from and simply ask that producers and processors state these two fundamental pieces of information. On the other side are those that constantly create new complex and creative accreditation to bamboozle the consumer, often to hide oddities or lead us into a false sense of 'doing right by the animal'. In the pork world for example the 'Red...

Pig Pledge
19 Feb 2015

Pigs are known to be sensitive, social, intelligent animals with strong instinctual behaviors and are full of character. Throughout their lives they need companionship, care and an environment that allows them to exercise their natural behavior. These requirements come in the form of traditional farming methods and good animal husbandry coupled with open fields, fresh air and sound feed. The UK has some of the highest standards in the EU when it comes to pig farming however nearly 50% of our...

GMO Apple
13 Feb 2015

The United States are planting their first commercially grown GM Apples. The apples, developed by a small Canadian firm, have just received approval from the USDA and will be the first approved GM apple in the USA.

These freeky apples have obtained the ability to defy natural forces by not turning brown as they age. When an apple is maltreated, thrown about a bit, bruised or cut the damaged areas turn brown, a useful indicator for the consumer as to the general state of the apple....

Organic Food
12 Feb 2015

Demand for organic food is is on the up, not only in the UK but in Europe and even the US. It seems people are truly becoming more interested and aware as to the origin of their food.

In Germany demand for organic food is increasing at a vast pace and supermarkets can now not afford to stock organic produce. One source stated the increase in demand was up by 8.4% in 2014 compared to the previous year. Customers are cited as saying they want to contribute to environmental protection...

11 Feb 2015

The recent cases in the media relating to cruelty in slaughterhouses, has brought this subject back to the forefront having been debated quite heavily in the past even after the RSPCA introduced the requirement for installation of CCTV in abattoirs from 2011. Needless to say it seems this has been ineffective. 

The recent cases, brought to the attention of the mainstream media by an animal welfare group, documented extreme cases of unnecessary cruelty and neglect in the abattoirs...

Fresh Lettuce
05 Dec 2014

Everyone likes to see the word 'fresh' on their food, but when it comes to produce from the supermarket just how fresh is it? The first clue is to look at the origin. If it has taken the slow boat from the far east it is unlikely to have been picked a day or two before, although to be fair a lot is now air freighted within a week to ten days . Not the end of the world, but it is not brilliant and of course there is the huge carbon cost of all that airfreighting....

Fast food burger
15 Nov 2014

Ordinarily, when a news piece contained the immortal words "according to a Cambridge University study.." one would think its was a fair, peer reviewed study. However in this case, their study seems damn right ridiculous.

In essence, a list of healthy and unhealthy food from the government is taken (cherry picked) and compared using £ per 1000...

05 Nov 2014

"If we grant ourselves the right to kill other animals for food, then the least we can do, is strive to give them the best life in our care."
Creedy Carver, Devon.

In the late 40's a new agriculture act was introduced in the UK to encourage greater output leading to better national food security and less reliance on imports. Farmers turned to technology to help provide a solution and slowly small country farms that had operated using traditional methods...