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Shillingford Organics

Our family run farm is located on the outskirts of Exeter near Shillingford Abbot. We have been running an organic vegetable box scheme since 2001. This culminated in 2013 with us winning the ‘Best Box Scheme’ in the Soil Association’s National Awards, we have also won many other awards. We grow a wide range of organic vegetables, salad, herbs, fruit and we also have 3 flocks of chickens for eggs, which roam on the clover leys. We grow with care and consideration and adopt many methods which encourage a natural balance.

Marshford Organic Foods

Marshford Organic Foods is a family run business now celebrating 30 years of providing North Devon with the tastiest, freshest organic food. Vegetables, salads and herbs grown on our own nursery are our specialities and we have local eggs, dairy and meat products from our farming friends in North Devon. We also retail a huge range of food, including fresh fruit, chilled and frozen products, all the storecupboard things you could wish for, wine, beer, special diet foods - all of it certified organic!

Alsia Cross Market Garden

Alsia Cross Market Garden is an organic family farm growing vegetables, salads and herbs. We supply all our own produce to box scheme customers, restaurants and cafés in West Penwith, Cornwall. Our holding is situated next to the wayside cross in the hamlet of Alsia (pronounced ay lee ah) near St Buryan, West Cornwall. We’ve been growing produce here without chemical pesticides or fertilisers since 2003. Our beginnings were small: a customer base of just 10 veg boxes and two restaurants. And everything packed and stored in a second-hand shed bought from Merlin’s Magic Land!

Keveral Farm

Keveral Farm is an organic farm community near Looe, Cornwall (in the south-west of England). The original community was established in 1973, and the farm is now owned and managed co-operatively by the members of the community. We are about 10 adults. We live in a farmhouse, static caravans, a wooden cabin and a barn conversion. Our farm-based activities include horticulture and veg boxes, orchards, apple juice and cider, woodland and tree work, mushrooms.... Some of us also work off the farm.

Casa Grande Organic Pasta

Established in 2013, Casa Grande produces organic dried artisan pasta from a kitchen in Greenwich, London. Casa Grande pasta cooks and tastes just like homemade fresh pasta - this is why we sell it. Slow drying gives our pasta the texture and flavour of fresh pasta and preserves nutritional values. Our extraction method makes the pasta porous, so it absorbs all the flavours from your sauce. We take our ingredients and cooking processes seriously, producing good nutritious pasta. Our pasta has a shelf life of 6 months and is available in a range of flavours and shapes.

Slade Farm Organics

Organic Welsh Beef, Lamb, Pork and Mutton by Slade Farm. Slade Farm runs on to the sea cliffs on the picturesque Glamorgan Heritage Coast. It is centered around the well known beach at Dunraven Bay, Southerndown. The Slade Farm shop is located on the northern end of the farm in St.

Goldhill Organics

Vegetables are a seasonal business, so we pack our vegboxes with what is growing and ready to be picked off our plots and polytunnels. The boxes are prepared in 4 different sizes to suit you, and as the seasons change, so will the vegboxes. You’ll also find a range of organic fruits for you to add to your vegbox, as well as organic staples, oils and condiments and things in tins and jars. Goldhill Organics was set up by Jane and Nick Somper in August 2013 to provide freshly picked, locally sourced organic vegetables delivered straight to your door.

Goosemoor Organics

Goosemoor Organics is an 11-acre organic smallholding near Wetherby in North Yorkshire, established over 23 years ago in 1989. We grow a range of vegetables, salads and herbs, supplemented by local & imported produce, including fruit & groceries. Orders are packed in our environmentally-friendly timber warehouse, and delivered by our small fleet of low-emission LPG vans. We offer home deliveries roughly within 30 miles of the farm.

Skylark Organics

Skylark Organics Box Scheme offers you a wide selection of fresh organic vegetables, fruit and dairy products - delivered weekly to your door free of charge. Because much of our produce is grown on our organic Herefordshire farm you really can benefit from local, nutritious 'farm fresh' produce. We have been delivering delicious locally grown fruit & vegetables boxes since 2005 from our farm at Leominster.

What is Organic Food?

What is Organic Food?

What it means to be organic

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

Thomas Edison was leaps and bounds ahead of his time. Put simply: the food we ingest has a direct impact on our overall wellbeing. and this is a huge part of why so many people are making the leap to buying organic food.

But what exactly is organic food? And why should we be buying it?

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