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About food boxes

About food boxes

Food box schemes have become very popular over the last few years as a way of buying fresh organic vegetables and meat and their popularity is certainly gaining momentum as shoppers concern themselves more and more as to exactly where their food comes from and whats in it. Additionally, organic vegetable and meat box schemes are remarkably cost effective when compared to the big four supermarkets, Tescos, Sainsbury's, Aldi and Morrisons. In almost all cases the shopper will make a saving by subscribing to a food box scheme.

Graig Farm Organics

Graig Farm Organics are specialist meat producers and master butchers. We pride ourselves on supplying award winning quality organic meat and poultry to both the end consumer and wholesale markets. Our range includes tender organic beef, tasty award winning lamb, succulent pork and great tasting chicken. Our sausages, burgers, steaks and chops are just perfect for your summer barbeque treat. The Graig Farm Organics online shop allows the Rees family to provide their award winning produce to the public.

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Support UK farmers, producers and growers.

Know where your food really comes from


Support your local economy by buying fresh organic produce from local sources.


Buy UK reared, organic meat and poultry

Support animal welfare


The UK has higher animal welfare standards than other parts of the EU.


Fresh organic veg. More love, no chemicals

Eat fresher, healthier food


Organic growers use no chemicals. Better for you, better for the environment


Get the family involved in real cooking

Using real organic ingredients


Healthy, family food should be cooked, not manufactured.

Eversfield Organic

Eversfield Organic is a family run business that has been delivering the finest grass fed organic meat online to households throughout the UK for twelve years and has become a trusted name for the highest quality organic grass fed meat, a friendly service and excellent customer service. Our key is high animal welfare, all our animals are treated in a caring and stress free way, and the organic grass fed meat is well hung for up to 28 days. Our Eversfield Organic estate overlooks the Dartmoor National Park in West Devon.
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